Chapter 3 “Oliver and His Big bowl of Feelings” Program

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This is the story of Oliver, the boy who was brave enough to talk about his feelings. 

CHAPTER 3 Watching the news

Life went on as usual in Anse De Pie. Oliver and his friends went to school every day. When he comes home from school and has enjoyed his cacao tea, he starts doing his homework. After that, he goes to the farm, and often his dog goes with him. Mr. Silly loves to chase the chickens around the farm or bark at the pig.

Oliver’s next-door neighbor, Ms. Julia, is an elderly lady who has lived there forever. At least, that’s how Oliver feels. She’s been his neighbor all of his life. She must be very old, with her grey hair in a small bun and her walking stick. Oliver loves to visit her. She’s always very kind, and her tea biscuits are the most delicious he has ever tasted. She always has some of her biscuits saved for Oliver in a small tin in the living room cupboard.

Ms. Julia no longer cooks for herself, therefore, Oliver’s mom always prepares a little extra and brings it to her. And sometimes she asks Oliver to do it for her. 

That morning, his mom was busy, so she asked Oliver to drop off Ms. Julia’s breakfast before he hops on the bus to school. When Oliver enters Ms. Julia’s house that morning, she sits in her favorite chair and watches the news, something she rarely does. Ms. Julia is very focused on the news broadcast on TV, and she didn’t even hear Oliver come in.

She is a little startled when Oliver starts talking. He apologizes. I’m sorry I scared you, but here’s your breakfast. You should eat it now while it’s still hot. Ms. Julia seems a bit absentminded this morning, which is unusual. Oliver intends to mention that to his mom later on, as he feels a little worried about what just happened.

Bye-bye, Ms. Julia, I’m going to school now. Have a nice day and please don’t forget to eat your breakfast. This has taken more time than Oliver expected, so he runs off to catch the bus to school. Luckily, the bus driver is waiting for him, because he knows Oliver has to get to school on time. Thank you, bus driver, Oliver says, for waiting for me. 

Oliver’s friends are already on the bus, and so the day starts. They are all chatting and joking around, and Oliver soon forgets what happened this morning at Ms. Julia’s house. The bus stops, and the driver says, here we are, guys, this is your stop for school, have a great day. Thank you, bus driver, everyone says. Bye! 

Still chatting, they all walk into Ms. James’s class. This morning’s math test is about to start. Soon, the classroom is quiet, and everyone is focused on taking the test. Some children sigh or chew on their pens or pencils. Tom is making squeaky noises with his chair, and everyone is looking at him to be quiet so they can focus on their work.

Even though Oliver has studied hard for this test, he still feels a little worried. He has taught himself a quick breathing exercise to calm himself down. 

Before they know it, time is up, and everyone hands in their papers. The bell sounds. It’s time for a break, and all the children run outside. This morning there’s popcorn or sausage on a stick. Oliver and his friends are soon sitting down somewhere to enjoy their snacks. 

Suddenly, Oliver remembers what happened this morning at Ms. Julia’s house, and he starts telling his friends. Kayla interrupts him. That’s odd, my granny, who lives with us, was watching TV totally absentminded this morning as well. What’s going on?


Age10+ Write How do you feel right now? By the way, if you are younger than 10 and like or love to write of course you can do the writing assignment too!

Writing about how you feel

I am sure you have your paper and a pen or a pencil ready. Find your quiet spot if possible and take a moment to relax. Oliver felt worried because he did not know what was going on. Everyone was watching the news, but nobody explained to him why. I would feel worried too, wouldn’t you? Read More

Drawing/Crafting about how you feel

If possible, choose a quiet spot where you have enough space to work and take a moment to relax, so you can focus on your work. Read More

Calming down Exercise 

5,4,3,2,1. Read More

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