Chapter 5 “Oliver and His Big bowl of Feelings” Program

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This is the story of Oliver, the boy who was brave enough to talk about his feelings. 

Chapter 5 Oliver finally finds out.

After the somewhat scary event with Tallboy, everyone settles down at the dinner table. Oliver had lost his appetite, but he knew he had to eat something. Otherwise, he would wake up in the middle of the night feeling hungry. Mom had made his favorite steamed fish with fried plantain, some fish accras, and a garden salad. Oliver sighed and started to eat, trying his best to avoid the salad and eat lots of plantains.

 He ate quietly while his mind was trying to make sense of everything that had happened the past few days. After he finished eating, his mom asked Oliver if he wanted some homemade banana ice cream. Yes, mommy, yes, thank you. I love you. That’s my favorite. Oliver started to feel better because ice cream makes everything better.

Oliver’s dad was doing the dishes, and Oliver decided to ask him what was going on. Daddy, can I ask you a question? Sure son, his dad said, what’s on your mind? Oliver started to talk about the news bulletin on the TV that everyone was watching suddenly, Ms. Julia, Kayla’s granny, Mrs. DeWitt. He also talked about how scary it was this afternoon when Tallboy suddenly yelled that everyone was going to die. I’m feeling worried, dad. I don’t understand what’s going on. 


Well, son, I think the three of us should sit down and talk about this. It’s time. Oliver looked at his dad and noticed his serious face. Now he really felt worried. 

Dad cleared his throat and started to talk. The news bulletin has been informing us about a virus that has begun to make a lot of people in China very sick. There’s not a lot of information, so we have to be mindful of that. The virus is very contagious, which means if you’re sick, you can give it to others very quickly, for example, when you sneeze or cough.

That’s why people in China have started to wear face masks and keep a safe distance from each other. The sad news is that you don’t know right away when you have caught the virus, so it has already spread very quickly, and to other countries as well. Has it come to our island already, dad?

No, Oliver, we have been fortunate so far; the virus has not reached us. Oliver sighed with relief; that is good news for us, isn’t it, dad? His mom said, for now, yes, that is good news. However, the prime minister spoke on the TV and the radio, stating that they expect the virus to arrive on Dot Island soon. It is expected to spread to every country in the world, and people will get sick everywhere. 

Oliver was very quiet. He didn’t know what to think of it all. He had so many questions. Mom, what will happen when it gets here? Will we get sick too? And my friends, will they get sick? Do we have enough doctors to help everyone? How long will it stay, and do we have medicine to make everyone better? Okay, my darling, said Oliver’s mom, come and sit next to me. Oliver got up from the floor and sat next to his mom on the couch. She wrapped her arm around him. 

There’s a lot we don’t know yet. Doctors and people who make medicine are working hard to develop a solution and medication to help heal people who are sick. The virus has not arrived in our country, so there’s nothing to worry about right now. 

Oliver, it’s past your bedtime. Time to bathe, brush your teeth and go to sleep. His mom looks at him and says, remember, Oliver, you can always talk to us about anything worrying you. Okay?

After his mom and dad have tucked him in, Oliver tries to sleep, but he feels overwhelmed with the events of the last few days. When his dad comes to check on Oliver, he sits down on his bed and says, how about we try and focus on 5,4,3,2,1? I’ll do it with you. And together they start the exercise to concentrate on something else.

Even before they’ve counted down to one, Oliver is fast asleep. His dad gives him a kiss on the forehead and quietly switches off the light and closes the door.


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