Chapter 2 “Oliver and His Big bowl of Feelings” Program

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This is the story of Oliver, the boy who was brave enough to talk about his feelings. 

CHAPTER 2 On the farm

The moment Oliver woke up that morning, he remembered what day it was. Today was THE day. The day his friends would come home with him after school to visit his father’s farm. 

Oliver felt so happy. He giggled and started humming while brushing his teeth. He even did a little dance while he put on his school uniform. His mom looked at him with a smile on her face. Son, tell me, what makes you so happy this early in the morning? Usually, you have trouble waking up, and now you are humming and dancing.

Oliver smiled from ear to ear and said, mom, please tell me you remember. Today my friends are coming home with me after school. You promised you would make cacao tea and bake fresh mastiffs. Oliver’s mom laughed and said, of course, I remember, I’m just teasing you. 

Now hurry, you’ll be late for school. Here’s your lunch bag and a dollar to buy a snack during break. Oliver grabbed his things, jumped in his shoes, and went off. Just in time for the bus that would drop him off close to school. 

He has difficulty focusing this morning. His thoughts keep wandering off to the afternoon and the visit from his friends. He pictures himself proudly showing them the farm. Ms. James even reprimands him a few times for not paying attention in class.

Finally, the bell sounds, and school is finished for the day. Oliver, Tom, Joep, and Kayla wait at the bus stop. But where was Abigail? She simply has to be there. Remember Oliver’s secret crush on her, shhh. Abigail makes it just in time, and the bus drives off the moment she sits down.

Oliver is super excited, and at the same time, he thinks, what if my friends don’t like the farm? He decides not to think about that. Sadly, that doesn’t work. Suddenly, he hears Ms. James’ voice in his head saying, whenever you feel nervous, focus on your breathing. Remember to sit quietly with your hands on your belly. Feel your stomach go up and down as you breathe in and out.  

And while his friends are busy chatting about their visit to Oliver’s father’s farm, Oliver focuses on breathing, with his hands on his belly. And you know what? He feels calmer already. 

The bus stops, and Tom, Abigail, Kayla, Joep, and Oliver get off and walk to Oliver’s home. His mom greets them at the gate and invites everyone for cacao tea and freshly baked mastiffs with butter and homemade guava jam. Everyone enjoys this treat, and Oliver can’t stop smiling. He feels so grateful and proud of his mom.

Then Oliver hears his dad’s footsteps in the yard, and he runs outside to meet him. He’s jumping up and down, daddy, daddy, are you ready? Can we come with you now? Oliver’s dad laughs, a deep, loud laugh, and says, yes, all of you can come with me to the farm now.

That afternoon was the best. Oliver’s friends love seeing the farm, playing with the new kittens, chasing the chickens, and feeding the pig. There is so much space to run around and play hide and seek. When it’s time to go home, Oliver’s dad has a big surprise for everyone. He gives all of Oliver’s friends a head of lettuce and some eggs to take home with them.

Together with his mom and dad, they walk to the bus stop and make sure everyone gets safely on the bus. Oliver’s mom tells the bus driver where to drop everyone off. When the bus drives away, Oliver sees his friends peek out the windows and shout, thank you, it was fun, thank you, bye!

That night Oliver falls asleep with an enormous smile on his face. He can’t remember the last time he felt so happy and proud.


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