Chapter 9 “Oliver and His Big bowl of Feelings” Program

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This is the story of Oliver, the boy who was brave enough to talk about his feelings. 

Chapter 9. How does the virus make you feel?

Art class starts with everybody talking about the virus and how it makes them feel. Ms. Marieke explained that whatever you feel is okay. Every person is unique and responds differently to what is going on.

Then, each student gets to choose their favorite color cardstock for their artwork about the virus. It could be anything, a drawing of what the virus looks like, a story of how it made you feel, even a poem or a painting. That is the beauty of being creative, you can show how you feel and make something unique at the same time. And you don’t have to use words if you don’t want to. 

Oliver and his friends all love art class, and today especially. This was the first time they had the opportunity to talk about this horrible virus. While busy with his magnificent artwork, Oliver noticed that talking about it was not easy. He was not really sure how he felt. Scared because so much was still unknown, confused by everything everybody was saying, and worried about not being able to play with his friends or see Ms. Julia.

Oliver chose green paper this time, as this bright lime green really cheered him up. He took his time to think about what he wanted to make today. He decided to draw a big bowl with all of his feelings in it. Every emotion will get a different color, and maybe some will be covered in glitter as well.

He looks across the long table, curious to see what his friends are doing. Tom is drawing what looks like a tree, but Oliver is unsure; it seems pretty dark with all the black. Kayla, who is always good with words, is writing a story, and Joep appears to be drawing what the virus looks like, a giant ball with funny-looking spikes. Oliver is especially snoopy about what Abigail, his secret crush, is making. 

Abigail looks a bit stressed as if she is unsure what to do. The moment Oliver decides to go to her, Ms. Marieke starts talking to Abigail and sits down next to her. Together they discuss why it’s hard for Abigail to come up with an idea. As it turns out, she finds it difficult to focus on how the virus makes her feel. After talking for a bit, Abigail comes up with a great idea. She starts writing a letter to the virus, asking it all sorts of questions, which helps her express how she feels.

The entire class is very focused on their work, and they almost forget to taste the banana bread and fresh juice Ms. Marieke has brought for everyone. Once the bell sounds, everyone asks for five minutes more minutes to finish what they are working on. The principal agrees, and they all get ten more minutes, as it’s snack break time anyway. As long as they don’t forget to eat their snacks.

Everybody is happy and helps clean up afterwards, putting the glue jars back in the Ziploc bag, gathering all trash, and sweeping the floor to tidy up for the next class. Then they all walk to Ms. James’s classroom for Geography and English, carefully carrying their unique artwork with them. Soon the classroom is quiet and fully focused on where Japan is on the map and India and Indonesia. They all forget about the virus and pay attention to Ms. James teaching about these different countries.

The moment the bell sounds, every child runs outside, looking forward to going home. Oliver and his friends are all feeling proud of the art they made. They discuss what they made on the bus ride, and it turns out to be a fun conversation. Tom says I like that we got to make something about how the virus makes us feel. My drawing is black because the virus scares me and black is what scary looks like to me.

Abigail explains, it was hard for me, but Ms. Marieke helped by talking to me. It was nice to talk about it. Oliver is pleased with how his bowl of feelings turned out and how he made all of them look with the bold colors and the glitter. Kayla starts reading the story that she wrote, and halfway through her story, the bus stops. They have reached Anse de Pie without noticing it, and it’s time to go home.

They all have a lot to talk about that night at home, and Oliver is well-pleased about how the day went, especially with his project’s outcome. Looking at his drawing, he falls asleep with a smile on his face. And Mr. Silly is already snoring on the floor next to his bed.


Age10+ Write How do you feel right now? By the way, if you are younger than 10 and like or love to write of course you can do the writing assignment too!

Writing about how you feel (age 10+) 

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Drawing/Crafting about how you feel

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Moving your body.

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