Final Toughts


Final thoughts 

Like Oliver’s life, we all have times when we feel angry, happy, grateful or sad, that is part of life. Whether you are a boy or a girl, never ever feel ashamed of your feelings. Sometimes it can be difficult to know how you feel and to express your feelings. It might all seem like a big bowl of feelings.

To recognize how you feel it can help to talk about it, for example with an adult you trust. Your mom or dad, granny, teacher, or even your neighbor.

I want you to remember that using your creativity can help you as well. Expressing how you feel in art, in a poem, or in a story, will help you to make more sense of it all. It doesn’t have to be perfect; it is you expressing yourself and that’s what makes it beautiful. And please don’t worry about making mistakes, we all make mistakes. 

 Oliver and his family and friends are waving goodbye for now. We hope you enjoyed our story and look forward to seeing you for more adventures. Bye everyone, bye!!!!!

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