Experience the joy of donating a gift and knowing that the children will be very happy and proud to receive your carefully selected gift.

A small gift can make a big difference

In the world of the children Dominica, things to play with are limited. Not a lot of materials available to express themselves through creativity. A small gift can change that. You can make this change.


And here is how it works. Shipping or sending materials to Dominica is very costly and unreliable. Plus we are all about supporting the local economy. Therefore, and also for your convenience, we created a list of things you can buy for the centre. For example you can choose books, fabric or art and craft materials.

By selecting and paying for a gift from the list you are donating this to the Breadfruit House. The moment we receive the money, we will buy this locally. Hassle free and instant joy for the children.

In our bi-monthly Blog we always include an update on what has been donated in the previous 2 months.