What we have achieved

In August 2020, the Foundation received a grant of USD 1,000 from the Harnish Foundation via Awesome Without Borders to ship arts and crafts supplies and other donations.

The same Primary school is hosting us to run the program as during our pilot program. We will respect and implement all measures required to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

OUR GOAL FOR 2021 – 2022

During Q4 2020, we will prepare for the full program for 2021. Extend the program further to encourage the children’s creative skills that could benefit them throughout their lives, helping them grow as people face life’s difficulties, and ultimately help make the world around them a much better place to live.

An important part is the fundraising of in total USD 8,300 for the estimated total costs for our activities in 2021 being:

  • Establish weekly programs for five groups of 10 children
  • Equipment and material for these programs
  • Offer a warm meal to all children participating
  • A one-year housing contract for the Breadfruit house
  • Organize safe transportation for the children to and from the Breadfruit location
  • Part-time cook and bus driver for these children
  • Assure our Breadfruit House location is safe and inviting for the program
  • Ensure enough and environmentally-friendly equipment and material to develop and encourage creativity, social skills, and emotional resilience
  • Assure a long term and consistent program