Brochure “Oliver and His Big bowl of Feelings” Program

Empowering Online Program for Children in challenging situations.

(e.g., a pandemic, lockdown, hurricane)

Program: “Oliver and His Big bowl of Feelings”.

Goal: To support and empower children in challenging situations in a fun, creative, and empowering way.

Vision Breadfruit House:  We inspire children to become empowered adults through creativity.

Practical information: a 10-chapter online program for students (6 –12 years) – audio instructions included. About 1,5 hours per chapter. Access to laptop/mobile/internet needed. A physical alternative is optional.


We developed this 10-chapter empowering online program for children in challenging situations (e.g., pandemic, lockdown, the aftermath of a natural disaster) without (access to) support from school or teachers. It is geared towards children in primary schools (6-12).  

The program includes reading, creative writing, crafting, and breathing/relaxing exercises to help them explore/address/process their emotions in an age-appropriate, light, and creative way.

The program is developed so that all students can follow it by themselves without help. We included audio instructions for the youngest students and students with difficulty reading.

We are fully aware that some of the older children might find it uninteresting or too simple for them. Even though they can still benefit from the overall goal of this program. We invite them to give us feedback and look forward to their point of view on the program.


This Program is developed and offered to you  by the Breadfruit House Dominica Foundation.


Marieke van Asten

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